Read About America’s Most Notorious Gangsters & Their South Florida Connection

Al Capone  •  Jack McGurn  •  Bugsy Siegel   •  Sam Giancana  •  Santo Trafficante  •  Lefty Rosenthal  •  Whitey Bulger  •  Meyer Lansky  •  & Many More


Organized Crime in Miami
examines the considerable yet heavily underpublicized involvement of the American Mafia in South Florida and its lasting impact on the community through their business activities, both illegal and within the confines of the law. While other cities are credited for birthing and honing the legendary crime figures who inevitably influenced and shaped their susceptible surroundings and culture, Miami is where the Mob, like many American citizens, often turned when seeking vacation, vice, or a new beginning. Dating back to the first quarter of the 20th century, resourceful gangsters from across the nation recognized the profitable business opportunities Miami could provide with its booming population, perfect year-round climate, cooperative law enforcement, and mutual understanding among otherwise rival gangs. The promise of an open city, free from familiar encumbrances and restrictions, prompted eager mobsters from around the country to migrate south and trade in their suits and fedoras for swim trunks and flip-flops.

Organized Crime in Miami features a collection of previously unpublished and rarely circulated photographs originating directly from newspaper archives, police files, and private family albums of the individuals depicted between it’s two covers.

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