About The Author

“Organized Crime in Miami” Author, Avi Bash


Avi Bash is a lifelong resident of Miami, Florida and a long-time researcher on the subject of organized crime. Curating one of the largest and most recognized collections of historical artifacts related to the subject, Avi has contributed to multiple exhibits and currently serves as a research consultant to the Las Vegas Museum of Law Enforcement and Organized Crime, also known as the MOB Museum.

Avi is currently working on launching his own exhibit, titled, “Magic City Mafia: The History of Organized Crime in South Florida.” This exhibit will present an authentic look at the involvement of organized crime in South Florida’s history as well as it’s larger impact on the country as a whole. Utilizing authentic artifacts, documents, and original period photographs, Magic City Mafia will highlight the real stories of the abundant organized crime figures who played a part in shaping South Florida during its most formative years.

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